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Artisan 'Chocolate Chilli' Sauce Superhot Special Edition #195

Artisan 'Chocolate Chilli' Sauce, Superhot Special Edition #195

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***** Have no fear, another chocolate superhot special is on the way *****

Batch #195 is small batch, limited run of just 30 bottles. 4 bottles went straight into the Professor Pods personal stash – it’s that good. That leaves 26 for the rest of the world - seems fair!

This superhot special edition is an evolution of our acclaimed Superhot Chocolate and Short Fuse sauces. Made with a secret blend of 4 types of our favourite ‘chocolate’ chilli strains, 3 of which have been reported to be well North of 1 million Scovilles. We do not use nasty pesticides on our own homegrown chillies. Batch #195 is made using our unique trademark processes and high chilli concentrations, that together harness the full flavour of the parent chillies used.

Let's be clear here. There is no chocolate in this sauce! No, chocolate chillies are naturally occuring brown variants that have a distinctive, rich, smoky flavour that doesn't occur in other chillies. Chocolate chillies tend to be much hotter than their red, orange and yellow stablemates. Chilli connoisseurs know this and prize chocolate chillies for their exquisite flavour and extreme heat.

Batch #195 has flavour and complexity by the bucketload. Smoky, rich deep flavour and a huge, escalating heat. One for the hardened chilli connoisseur who appreciates chocolate chillies and hot sauce artisanship. At least a 9/10 for heat.

Perfect as an all round condiment, and the depths of flavour makes it sublime for cooking with too.

  • Vegetarian and vegan friendly.
  • Ingredients: water, chillies, vinegar (distilled from malted barley), onion, sea salt, garlic, rapeseed oil
  • Preservatives: ascorbic acid (E300), citric acid (E330)
  • Contents: 155 ml e (in recyclable glass bottle)
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