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Can you tell me more about potential allergens in your products?

Each bottle label is fully compliant with the required allergen information. Please check labels before using or consuming our sauces.

Below is some useful information on our ingredients, preservatives and the potential allergens that our sauces may be exposed to when they are hand produced by us:

Ingredients: water, chilli, white vinegar (distilled from malted barley, which is a potential allergen), onion, salt, garlic, rapeseed oil.

Preservatives: ascorbic acid (E300), citric acid (E330).

Our sauces are made in a facility that routinely handles milk, egg, soya, mustard, peanut, sesame & nut products.

Any other queries, just mail us!


Can you tell me about the shelf life of your products?

Our artisan chilli sauces are all hand made in small batches. These sauces are marked with a 'best before' date that is 9 months after the date of manufacture. We will always try to ship products with the longest shelf-life from those available in our stocks.

Typically, we aim to supply products that, on the day of dispatch, have between 4 to 8 months left until the 'best before' date. We will not ship products with less than 2 months to the 'best before' date.


Can you tell me about your packaging policies?

At Professor Pods we are very conscious of trying to make our business sustainable and as eco friendly as possible. This also applies to how we package and send out your orders. For this reason, we use glass bottles for our sauces, and cardboard boxes to send out orders to customers. For safety reasons, and also conditions of carriage, we are required to dispatch glass bottles in bubble wrap that are sealed individually in plastic bags. When packing bottles, we use recycled cardboard, bubble wrap, airbags to pack and fill voids wherever possible. We strongly encourage customers to reuse or recycle our packaging wherever it is practical and/or safe to do so.