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Chilli sauce collections

Professor Pods was set up with a clear aim. To grow really tasty rare and exotic gourmet chilli varieties and to use them to make the best possible artisan chilli sauces. We prioritise superb flavour over outright heat. Flavour is truly king. From seed to sauce, we do it all!

Our artisan chilli sauces are perfect as everyday condiments, for cooking with as a direct substitute for fresh chillies, or for use in marinades, salsas, curries, stir-fries etc. Our hot sauce range spans the mildest to the hottest chillies out there, and we have something to suit every palate. Come try them!!

Our hot sauces are vegetarian and vegan friendly, and are free from added sugar, artificial colours, flavourings or thickeners. We do not use nasty chemical insecticides on our own homegrown chillies.