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About Us


I'm Neil - the owner and founder of Professor Pods Artisan Chilli Sauces

I’m Neil – a former university lecturer and biophysical chemist. I've almost 20 years of experience working as a professional scientist, and have a long term love of growing and eating chillies, as well as all things spicy.

I fancied a career change and so set up Professor Pods a few years ago. The aim was to grow gourmet chilli varieties and use them to make exceptional artisan sauces and chutneys. Central to our ethos is using rigorous scientific approaches in both our chilli growing and hot sauce making.

The way we produce our artisan chilli sauces is rather leftfield, unique even, and we have an emphasis on growing unusual or rare chilli varieties. Typically, we grow 50 to 60 different chilli varieties (although we grew about 80 strains in 2020!), and are always seeking new flavours to encompass into our range of artisan chilli sauces. By doing so, we can consistently produce very high quality chilli products with superb flavour profiles.

We strive for perfection and aim to field products that are truly different, and absolutely delicious. To date, we've fielded almost 50 different products. It has taken years to develop the methods of sauce making used in Professor Pods products, and everything we do employs the knowledge gained from decades of scientific expertise. Every single ingredient in our products has been included for a specific reason, and in exactly the right proportions to give the superb flavour we seek.

We could use less chillies, and stretch our profits, but the sauce wouldn't have our trademark depth of flavour, so no to that. Sure, we could add more chilli, just to make it hotter, but then we'd lose the exquisite, balanced taste profiles that we seek and which make our products so popular. We could sell smaller bottles, but we think you'll appreciate having more when you taste our sauces.

Our sauces don't have artificial flavour enhancers, thickeners, bulking agents or colourings added to them. They are vegetarian and vegan friendly too!

Professor Pods is where science hits the road of hot sauce making. Buckle up - you're in for a ride!