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Orang Utan Extremely Hot Artisan Chilli Sauce

Orang Utan Extremely Hot Artisan Chilli Sauce

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First up, no monkeys were harmed in the making of this sauce! No, it's called Orangutan because of its colour, which reminds us of these dear ape friends.

The aim with this sauce was to capture the complex fruity flavour of our highly popular Malaysian Sunset sauce, but to go beyond this and improve the heat and flavour profile. Hands down, we've nailed it. No question at all.

This is a blended, micro-batch hot sauce containing three types of very rare capsicum chinense peppers, each one being a hybrid cross of two other top notch gourmet peppers. The initial taste is strong, in your face fruity, with a silky smooth feel on the palate. Initially, you'd be forgiven for thinking this sauce is quite mild.

But wait....... Whilst you're sitting there marvelling on the fruity, habanero flavour, the heat sneaks up on you and keeps growing. It finishes around the same heat as our Bonda Ma Jacques and Orange Habanero sauces, but you won't even be thinking about heat. This one is all about the flavour. One of our best in 2021 - superb.

You can use this for cooking, but it'd be sacrilege. It's an outstanding hot sauce that will make almost anything taste better. Rare, tasty and unique - what's not to like?
  • Vegetarian and vegan friendly.
  • Ingredients: water, chillies, vinegar (distilled from malted barley), onion, salt, garlic, rapeseed oil
  • Preservatives: ascorbic acid (E300), citric acid (E330)
  • Contents: 155 ml e (in recyclable glass bottle)
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